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Whether you’re the CEO of your life, career or business I can help transform your mindset, money and methods.


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This option is perfect for individuals who need assistance in one specific area of their business. We can discuss content development, pricing and packaging, self-publishing, email marketing, web design, you name it. In this 90min. session Jasmine will help you identify your areas of opportunity (or threats) and create an actionable plan to achieve your business goals.


This 6-hour intensive strategic planning session is designed to help you solve your most pressing brand challenges and provide creative strategies to launch, re-launch or improve your products and services. A VIP Day allows Jasmine to get in the trenches with you helping facilitate your best thinking and translating your deepest desires into a strategic, tactical, and practical plan of action. We’ll serve as your partner, rooting for you, making connections and pulling together resources to dismantle any roadblocks you may face. Together we’ll roll up our sleeves, tap into your inner genius and create a blueprint that will take your business to the next level.


Gone are the days of boring lunchtime lectures. Jasmine’s presentations are fun, interactive experiences that are custom-tailored to each audience. She speaks on a variety of topics from mindset and the psychology of branding to digital marketing and design; curating a universally emulsive experience that your entire group is sure to love.


  • Passions to Profits
  • CEO Success Systems
  • Brand Like A Boss
My VIP Experience was amazing, I learned a lot about myself. As a clinician and leader I don’t often get to debrief some of the issues that I’m facing regarding the goals and objectives of my company. I really enjoyed the one on one undivided attention because it allowed my ideas to flow freely, and Jasmine was able to connect the dots and create a clear plan of action for my next steps.
I honestly wish I would have done this earlier, because it allowed me to release my fear of going to the next level. I thought it would be difficult to make the transition from non-profit CEO into entrepreneurship but Jasmine allowed me to see that I can take the same skill set and foundation I founded my company on, and transition it into my new personal brand.
~ Zina Age, Non-Profit Executive, Aniz, Inc.

Let me tell you something about this VIP Experience. It was intensive (as promised) and it really challenged a marketer (yes, by trade I am a marketer), to really look at myself as a brand. Being able to take the time to break down, not just my goals but my audience, and be very-very specific about what feeling and look that I wanted to convey, was something that anyone who wants to scale up MUST DO. 

The most challenging part about building a brand is articulating what’s in your head, because most of us entrepreneurs and creative people live with concepts and ideas in our head, and they get stuck. So being able to bounce off ideas and put particular language and messaging to those ideas helps define and clarify what direction you should go in. It is worth every dime, and when you’re really thinking about investing in yourself and your products and services, this experience is something that you should not just consider, but you should book – RIGHT AWAY.

~ Glenda Lee, TBT Hospitality


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