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With a proven track record of cutting-edge brand elevation, my clients come to me when they're ready to go from being just another player in the market to becoming an industry leader. By leveraging my strategic marketing expertise and innovative techniques, I empower businesses to rise above the competition and establish themselves as pioneers in their respective fields. Whether it's crafting compelling brand narratives, implementing impactful digital campaigns, or devising comprehensive marketing strategies, my services are designed to propel brands towards unrivaled visibility, customer engagement, and long-term success. Together, we transform mere ideas into powerful brand stories that captivate audiences, leaving an indelible impression and fostering lasting brand loyalty.

When you think of the top firms and experts in your industry does your brand come to mind?

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Using my Signature Haute Brand Method, I work closely with my clients to refine, reposition or redesign their brand. Building a bespoke brand is all about exclusivity, performance and service delivery. My goal is to help my clients increase their visibility, profitability and performance through innovative strategy, luxury client experiences and exquisite design.

How we can work together...

1:1 Consulting

Are you a growing firm looking for exclusive access to a fractional CMO/CBO?
This service is best fit for brands seeking the highest level of strategy and support. Our 1:1 containers are designed to provide long-term brand advisory and exclusive access to done-for-you creative services. If you're looking to:
This service is for you!

Personal Branding

Are you a high-earner Entrepreneur, Executive or Expert looking to build a Million-Dollar brand image?
The Haute Brand™ Experience is a fully-immersive, VIP experience designed to give you all the tools to completely overhaul your brand image. In this ultra-luxe experience, you'll enjoy 5-star accommodations, intimate coaching, and a team of high-quality experts to breathe new life into your personal brand. We'll develop a blueprint that places you at the forefront and infuses your personal DNA into your existing business endeavors. You're already a BIG deal, now it's time to show up as the powerful individual you are. If you're looking to:
This service is for you!

VIP Intensive

Are you looking to strategically reposition your brand for bigger contracts, higher-visibility and increased demand?
This service is best fit for individuals and firms looking to increase their rates, uplevel their client base, or sell more of their premium-priced offers. This strategic brand intensive will cover three focus areas – your messaging, methodology, and marketing to attract more high-end buyers at premium rates and sustain exponential brand growth. If you're looking to:
This service is for you!

Everything you need, nothing you dont

Results Speak Louder Than Words


Tweak your messaging, or methodology to attract more of your perfectly aligned clients


Pivot your brand into new industries or markets & establish yourself as a category leader


Reorganize and redesign your business model to create additional revenue streams

The J. Dyson Experience...

While my clients have enjoyed features in major publications such as Forbes and Huffington Post, international speaking gigs and multi-six/seven figure business success, the most rewarding part of my work is my ability to tap into your personal mission and vision for your life and legacy. I only work with businesses I believe in and strive to provide personalized, white-glove service every time.

you're in great company...

Not Ready For A Complete Brand Overhaul?

Book a 60-min Brand Breakthrough session to get specialized support in one problem area of your business. This consultative service is designed to give you a quick-win, on-demand, without the commitment of long-term agreements. Get the solution you need in just one session. Book a time that fits your schedule, hop on a zoom call, and get instant results.


Goal + Vision Mapping
Are you having trouble establishing a clear and concise vision for your business or brand? This session is designed to help you gain clarity around your vision, establish measurable targets for success and identify any gaps that may prevent you from reaching your goals.
Branding & Marketing Audit
Want to increase your marketing ROI? A brand audit is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing marketing strategy by analyzing your marketing collaterals, website and social media profiles, client communication, and the industry as a whole to identify gaps and strategies of imrpovement.
Ideation & Creative Direction
Looking to launch a new idea or tweak an old one? An ideation session can help you generate innovative ideas, and develop creative solutions that meet your business goals. This collaborative brainstorming process is designed to refine and develop the best ideas into concrete creative concepts you'll love.

INCLUDES: 60-Minute Call | Recording | Session Notes