7 Keys to Building A Poppin', Profitable, & Purposeful Brand

By: Jasmine O. Dyson

Branding & Launch Strategist

The ONLY Brand Building Book You'll Ever Need!

There is no doubt that branding is important. Each year corporations spend millions of dollars and thousands of man hours developing and maintaining a distinctive brand. For them, this is a necessary and non-negotiable practice because they know that branding their products and services appropriately yields big returns and big dividends on their investments.

So what is a brand and how does branding factor into the success of your business? We’ll, I’m glad you asked!

Let me take you to B-SCHOOL...

Brand School that is!


What's Inside...

Master Your Brand contains my signature seven step process for building a poppin’, profitable and purposeful brand.  It is the formula I use to help my clients take their business from idea to launch.  The process I use to help them attract their ideal client, demand premium pricing for their products and services, and automate their sales and marketing efforts. See below to check out what’s inside.

My Vision

To increase the number of small businesses that see 6 & 7-figure success. 

My Mission

To help 1000 entrepreneurs launch, grow or scale purposeful & profitable brands.

My Goal

To transform the way you think and introduce a more authentic approach business.


March 31, 2022

Meet The Author

Five years ago after my dream job turned into a nightmare, for the first time in my life I felt like a complete failure. See the truth is, I had lived my entire life up until that point “doing the right thing”. Following the path they said I should follow, playing the safe route over the risky one, and guess where it got me…stressed, unmotivated and depressed.

All I could think about was the years of complaints I heard from family members about the “woes of the workplace”. And in that moment I decided that I was NEVER going to give that much power over to anyone else again.


In that season, although it felt like it, I knew I wasn’t alone, so I sought out to help other talented folks like myself build businesses doing the things they love, without all of the corporate bureaucracy and red-tape. Since then, I’ve been able to help countless entrepreneurs birth their visions without sacrificing the one thing that can’t be duplicated…YOU!

Master Your Brand is my love letter to the dreamers, thinkers and visionaries out there. Those who dare to go against the status-quo and build something “they” said you couldn’t. Those who wake up everyday and fight for their right to want more, be more and do more in the earth. Although I would love to, it’s impossible for me to provide hands-on assistance to every business I love, so this book is my contribution to your future success. Whatever success means to you, this book will be a small (or large) part of helping you get there.

Thanks for letting me help you...

Master Your Brand


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