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As a Luxury Brand Strategist and Experiential Marketer I empower entrepreneurs and organizations with the strategies, tools, and tactics needed to elevate their brand experience and maximize their impact, income, and influence.
What I love most about my work is my ability to tap into the core of who you are and use that to shape the most impactful brand experience possible.

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“The Chief Is Here”


I fell into this work after my dream job turned into a nightmare. I had what we would call a "DEI disaster" that really challenged my thoughts around career and life success. In college while studying to be the next “Chief” of a major hospital I honed in on Human Resources as a specialized field of study. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an unlicensed human behavior psychologist studying the thoughts, opinions, behaviors, and conditions of the people around me. I learned early on how to read, navigate and persuade people to think, believe, and act in their best interest (hello sales and marketing) which fueled my passion for service.

Over the last decade, I've worked behind the scenes for some of your favorite International Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Entertainment and Business Moguls, serving as a thought-partner, game-day decision-maker, and brand strategist (sometimes drill sergeant). I am a leaders leader and CEO's favorite CEO because my compassionate yet firm approach allows them to feel safe and motivated in their endeavors.

I operate with integrity and only work with brands and businesses that I believe in. Those who are people-centered and purpose-driven. Oh, and I have no problem turning down opportunities that don't align with my beliefs and values. 

My personality can best be described as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Meets Trap Music”…  A mixture of high-class refinement with bold, unapologetic authenticity.

Fashion is my first love, so my design aesthetic mirrors that of a couture fashion house. The art of dressing applies to both life and business for me, so I encourage my clients to always show up like they’re representing the most valuable brand they’ll ever own – the brand of YOU!


bold, powerful
& unapologetic

By working with me, you’ll get a strategist who can tap into the essence of who you are and develop strategies that will expand your business footprint. Although I'll challenge you to become the highest version of yourself, I won't ask you to put on aires or "fake it til you make it". I'll help you highlight those things that make you unique and grow into a more elevated version of YOU.
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From international retreats to podcasts and networking events, I’m here to serve you and your organization, in excellence.

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What I love most about my work is my ability to tap into the core of who you are and use that to shape the most impactful brand experience possible. In business, it’s easy to get swallowed up by what we see in the marketplace and to let imposters syndrome tell us that we don’t deserve the top spot. Clarity and strategy breeds confidence in your brand and it’s ability to deliver on the promise to it’s customers.

While being the “obvious choice” doesn’t come without objection, we’ll work together to create inherent value that translates to any product or service you develop. No gimmicks, no begging and no hustling invlolved.
Your clients will be organically attracted to your message and marketing
Intricate Strategy.

Beautiful Design.

Accelerated Results.
Good design is good business! When creativity and strategy meet, design not only looks good but feels good and works to get your core message across. We don’t just create pretty pictures, we communicate the essence of your brand through carefully crafted design schemes. This is not just design, it’s thinking made visual.

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Looking to host a rave-worthy event? The Brand Xperience Lounge is your one-stop shop for high-quality business and social events. With complete solutions from event management and marketing to employee retreats and brand activations, our team is here to help you produce unforgettable experiences that build brand loyalty and drive business success.