5 Ways to position yourself as a sought-after speaker & thought leader

Professional Speaking, whether it’s via livestream on a podcast or IRL in front of thousands at a convention, positions you as an authority in your industry. 

Just the optics of standing on a stage or in the front of the room gives your audience the perception that you’re a credible source of knowledge around a particular topic. This innate trust can be leveraged to create additional business opportunities for you and build momentum for future growth.

Positioning yourself as a sought-after speaker and thought leader requires a combination of expertise, networking, and effective communication. Here are some key steps to take to start that process:


Develop your expertise

Becoming a thought leader requires in-depth knowledge and experience in your field. The first step to developing thought leadership is to focus on developing your expertise by staying up-to-date with industry trends, conducting research, and participating in professional development opportunities. Attending conferences, reading industry publications, and seeking out mentorship opportunities will also help to build your knowledge and expertise.


Identify your unique perspective

As a thought leader it’s important to bring a YOUnique perspective to the field. Think about what sets you apart and what insights you can offer that others cannot. Identify the key themes and messages that you want to communicate as a speaker and sharpen your message for clarity and cohesion.


Build your network

In order to position yourself for those perfectly aligned opportunities, its important to build a strong network of contacts. Attending industry events, participating in online communities, and connecting with other professionals in your industry is the first step to developing the right collaborators and strategic partners. Seek out opportunities to sit on committees and boards to expand your reach and position you in leadership.


Develop your platform

As a speaker and thought leader, you need to be visible and accessible to your audience. Developing your owned and shared media platforms will be vital to your early success. Creating a website, blog, or social media presence that showcases your expertise and thought leadership will position you to attract decision-makers and a community of advocates who will champion your message.  A strong brand and messaging strategy that clearly communicates your perspective and value proposition will help you convert those onlookers into bookers.


Start Speaking

There’s no better way to become a sought-after anything then to do that very thing. If you want to be a sought-after speaker, you need to get speaking engagements. Start by speaking at local events, professional associations, or other industry gatherings. Seek out opportunities to speak on podcasts or webinars, and be willing to speak for free to build your profile and gain exposure (the right exposure of course). Build a strong speaking portfolio and demo reel that showcases your skills and experience as a speaker and use that proof to become an in-demand speaker. 

Positioning yourself as a sought-after speaker and thought leader requires a combination of expertise, creativity,  and effective communication. By developing your expertise, identifying your unique perspective, building your network, developing your platform, and getting speaking engagements, you can establish yourself as the go-to voice for {insert subject here} and become a respected resource in your field.

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Jasmine O. Dyson

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