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high-level brand advisory for Founders & Executives looking to

Maximize their impact & Accelerate Brand Growth

Together, we'll elevate your brand positioning, optimize your client experience & curate powerful experiences that disrupts norms, captivates audiences and drives sustainable business growth.

Turn Your Customers & Clients Into Raving Fans & Followers

Through consistent delivery of mind-blowing value and unparalleled experiences, we don't just meet expectations; we shatter them.
By consistently delivering exceptional value, whether through top-notch products and services, personalized attention, or innovative solutions, we transform ordinary customers and clients into passionate advocates who buy, share and refer your brand.

Your next-level brand transformation awaits!

How we can work together...

Innovative Strategy • Seamless Systems • Exquisite Design


For Entrepreneurs & Executives
Brand Intensives are immersive and focused experiences designed to elevate your brand's presence and impact. Through a combination of creative brainstorming, and expert guidance, I'll empower you to refine your brand identity, clarify your messaging, and devise innovative strategies for growth. My intensive sessions provide a platform to analyze your target audience, and market trends to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Speaking & Training

For Corporations & Event Hosts
Delve into the art and science of branding through my dynamic and engaging presentations. Drawing from my extensive knowledge of market trends, consumer psychology, and strategic positioning, I aim to not just share information, but ignite action. Whether I'm speaking at a conference, facilitating a workshop, or leading a seminar, my goal is to spark creativity, foster strategic thinking and leave a lasting impression that transforms audiences into brand champions.

360 Brand Audit

For Small Businesses
A 360 Brand Audit is a comprehensive and strategic evaluation of every facet of your brand's presence. Through meticulous analysis, I'll delve into your brand's visual elements, messaging, online and offline touchpoints, and market positioning. This audit offers a panoramic view of your brand's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. My holistic assessment serves as a roadmap for refining your brand strategy, enhancing customer engagement, and achieving a more competitive brand presence.
Here's What You Can Expect...

High-Performance Strategy meets High-End Design

As your Chief Brand Officer, my role is to ensure that all company functions come into alignment with your core brand promise. I accomplish this through a comprehensive 3-phase approach that strategically transforms your brand from the inside out, resulting in a seamless, authentic, and widely recognized reputation that resonates deeply with your audience. By implementing this process, we cultivate a cohesive brand identity that fosters trust and admiration from your target market.


Re-establishing and refining who you are and who you want to become in your industry or market.


Implementing systems that reinforce your brand identity and deliver a consistent brand experience.


Using customer data and communication to track business performance and profitability goals.
The result is a well thought-out brand dossier that serves as a vital resource for present and future business decisions. Your premium brand dossier will include a key breakdown of your company vision, operational strategy, customer service approach, sales and marketing tactics, and creative direction. Let's work together to elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and amplify your impact.

my work in action...

Past Clients & Features

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

hello, i'm jasmine,

Brand Strategist & Chief Creative Officer

As the secret weapon behind some of the most impactful brand transformations, I know a thing or two about being SEEN, HEARD, & PAID. I specialize in helping clients like you, disrupt norms, show up boldly on and offline, and elevate your positioning in your industry. By working with me, you'll develop jaw-dropping, client-raving brand experiences that highlight who you are and why you’re the absolute best choice solution. We’ll unpack those big ideas and create a solid action plan that ensures your desired result.

Explore My Brands...


J. Dyson Consultancy

A premium brand consultancy.


Boss Up Girl Co.

A lifestyle brand and empowerment community.


The B. Xperience

A full-service branding & experiential marketing agency.

the brand xperience lounge

Looking to host a rave-worthy event? The Brand Xperience Lounge is your one-stop shop for high-quality business and social events. With complete solutions from event management and marketing to employee retreats and brand activations, our team is here to help you produce unforgettable experiences that build brand loyalty and drive business success.


Providing the latest tips, tools, and tech to take your brand and business to the next level.
Through both short-term and long-term engagements, we can work together to increase your visibility, productivity, and profitability. I can develop new brands, refresh old brands and help strong brands dominate in their space.
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